About liepin.cn

“liepin.cn” was launched in 2011, which provides job seekers with a variety of tools and solutions to match their talent with attractive career opportunities, and connect them with high-quality headhunters and employers. We also offer customized talent acquisition services to business customers that allow them to identify and acquire specific talent within our massive candidate base in an efficient and result-driven manner.

Liepin (獵聘) brand means “headhunting and recruiting” in Chinese. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by leveraging technology and a network of headhunters to serve our individual and business users. Through our mobile app, website and branded WeChat official account, we offer a comprehensive set of talent services via our SaaS solutions, to help businesses acquire talents more effectively, to allow talents to advance their careers, and to incentivize headhunters to facilitate the entire hiring process. We are also diversifying our service offerings to other value-added talent services such as career coaching.

We operate the largest online talent services platform focused on mid- to high-end talents in China, in terms of total revenue in 2017. Our online platform connected approximately 52 million registered individual users, 450,000 verified business users and 150,000 verified headhunters as of September 30, 2019.

Products & Services

CProducts and Services to Individual Users

We deliver our talent services to our individual users mainly through our liepin.cn website, mobile app Liepin Tongdao (獵聘同道) and our branded WeChat official account.

Free Basic Services
  • 1.Professional Profile
    Each registered individual user can create a full online professional profile incorporating 28 different dimensions, including basic personal information.
  • 2. Personalized Job and Headhunter Recommendation
    We leverage our big data and AI technology to provide customized job and headhunter recommendations that match individual users’ experience, qualifications and preferences.
  • 3. Social Network and Career Content Services
    Our Liepin Tongdao (獵聘同道) mobile app offers our registered individual users an engaging professional network to follow, connect and interact with other users and business parties.
Paid Value-added Services
  • 1.Premium Membership Subscription (Golden Card Membership)
    Individual paying users can access a variety of enhanced functions and tools including top placement of their professional profiles, and group messaging to a large number of headhunters and business HRs.
  • 2.CV Advisory (CV Consultant)
    We leveraged over 700 third-party professional advisors to provide one-on-one CV advisory services to help our individual users explore the best way to land their dream jobs.

BProducts and Services to Business Users

We provide our talent acquisition services to our verified business users primarily via Liepintong (獵聘通), enabling them to access a wide range of basic and advanced talent solutions via PC and mobile app. Liepintong (獵聘通) is a one-stop online SaaS interface provided to our verified business users. From Liepintong (獵聘通 ), our verified business users can access a vast array of basic talent solutions and tools including job posting, talent search, internal collaboration and big data analysis.

Free Basic Talent Acquisition Services
  • 1.Job posting
    By requiring verified business users to provide a comprehensive set of information, such as job title, location, salary and requirements, we modularize the job details to provide an easy tool for verified business users to present their job openings online.
  • 2.CV search, recommendation and management
    Powered by AI and big data technologies, our algorithm allows verified business users to produce accurate and relevant search results and target the most suitable active job seekers as well as passive candidates.
  • 3.HR Internal Synergy Tools
  • 4.Enterprise Station
Paid Advanced Talent Acquisition Services
  • 1.360-Degree CV Review and Downloading
    Business customers can access and download comprehensive CVs of both active job seekers and passive candidates using our virtual currency.
  • 2.Intent Communication with Job Candidates
    Recruiting consultants of our Global Career Development Center reach out to job candidates on behalf of business customers to confirm the intentions of selected candidates by asking them a standard list of ten questions relating to their location, position, salary and other preferences.
  • 3.Invitations to Apply for Jobs
    Leveraging our AI technology, we select and recommend the most relevant and suitable candidates for our business users to invite to apply for a particular position.
  • 4.Express Hiring 2.0 (急聘2.0)
    With this service, we provide directional display empowered by our algorithm, more exposures to potential candidates and optimized ranking of job postings based on business customers’ hiring needs.
  • 5.Headhunter Direct Recommendation.
    Business customers may request headhunters to provide direct CV recommendations at no cost. They will then pay us to download any recommended CV using our virtual currency.
  • 6.Interview Express (面試快)
    Typically, the recommended headhunter will initiate conversations with a business customer within two working hours after initiating Interview Express (面試快) and recommend relevant CVs to the business customer within 24 working hours after initiating Interview Express(面試快).
  • 7.Onboarding Express (入職快)
    Similar to Interview Express (面試快), Onboarding Express (入職快) is another headhunter-assisted, closed-loop talent acquisition service allowing business customers to pay for our services at a fixed rate based on the offered salary of the particular job upon candidates’ successful onboarding.
  • 8.Background Checks
    We engage reputable service providers to offer background check services to different extents to business users as part of their candidate onboarding process.
  • 9. Recruiting Process Outsourcing (“RPO”)
    Business customers can subscribe for our one-stop hiring solution to completely outsource any part of or their entire hiring process to us.
  • 10.Salary Reports.
    Instead of conducting traditional offline salary surveys, we leverage our AI capabilities and enormous data insight to capture and analyze a comprehensive suite of salary related data across three industries, namely internet, finance and real estate, generated by our users as well as transactions and services generated via our online platform.

HHeadhunter Services

We empower both our individual and business users with high-quality, tailored services offered by our verified headhunters and other talent service providers. To fully maximize their service quality and incentives, we develop Chenglietong (誠獵通), a SaaS solution specifically designed for headhunters. Fundamentally different from any other online recruiting platform, headhunters cannot only source and manage their candidates in customized ways via Chenglietong (誠獵通), but also streamline and optimize their internal management throughout their service process. It enables both professional recruiting firms and individual headhunters to manage their operations via a one-stop online platform.

Our Strength

Industry pioneer with innovative business model and trusted brand

We are a pioneer in China’s talent services market. Launched in 2011, we operate China’s first online platform that focuses on connecting and empowering a massive and growing network of talents, businesses, headhunters and other talent service providers.

Leading scale with powerful network effects

We have built China’s largest professional social network, Liepin Tongdao (獵聘同道), in terms of number of registered individual users as of December 31, 2017. It offers a wide range of social functions including tweeting, commenting and mutual endorsement to enable our registered individual users to interact more immediately and intimately than was possible offline. This has led to more interactions among our individual users, increasing their engagement and stickiness and enhanced integrity and trustworthiness of our talent base.

Unique talent service platform facilitating closed-loop transactions to support monetization

Our headhunter-assisted, closed-loop talent acquisition services, such as Interview Express (面試快) and Onboarding Express (入職快), enable our business customers to request services online, obtain customized hiring services from AI-selected headhunters with result-driven fee structures, identify suitable and relevant candidates, and complete payment processes online. Such data-enabled services substantially improve hiring efficiency and lower the hiring costs of our business customers and generate enormous transaction data to support the continued growth of our service platform.

Credible, dynamic, relevant and comprehensive talent graph with increasing data value

The networking and social functions of our online professional community enable us to capture user behavioral data. We collect and analyze user-generated data to model and predict user intentions and behaviors. Through providing a variety of closed-loop talent acquisition services to our users, we not only function as a massive transaction platform facilitating hiring transactions, but also generate proprietary transactional data to help us further enhance our service quality.

Proprietary technology with strong AI capability

We combine our database with AI capability to enable our AI-powered service offerings. Through natural language processing and machine learning, we leverage our user data and transaction data gathered from headhunter-assisted, closed-loop services provided on our platform to predict user behaviors such as one’s intention to switch jobs. We also deploy our AI technology to intelligently match job candidates with career opportunities and recommend suitable job candidates and headhunters to our business customers.

Visionary, experienced and dedicated management

We have an experienced senior management team with a proven track record of entrepreneurial success, as well as solid, diverse and complementary backgrounds in technology, product development, sales and marketing, finance and operation.

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